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Austin Boiling Water Notice

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ccording to Austin city management, Tavis County, and state officials the heavy rains in the area produced higher concentrations of impurities in the water which in turn increased the necessary time to process potable water to the usual city standard. In order to maintain the necessary water pressure in the city’s water system, officials had to run water to lower purity standards for a period of several days. As a precautionary measure, a boil water notice was issued for the City of Austin water users. Despite the fact that city tests did not find higher than normal concentrations of pathogens, boiling water was necessary to address a real potential for pathogen presence in the water supply.

The boil water notice covered mainly all water used for drinking, ice making, cooking, washing food, hands, and dishes. It had a tremendous impact in the city food service industry. The Department of Health and Human Services in the city issued revised guidelines throughout the period of time the notice was in effect and communicated with the food permitted business in the affected area. The instructions were to either boil the water for at least three consecutive minutes or use an approved potable water supply from outside the city for all uses previously listed.

This experience created great stress and work in the city. However, it also was a great learning and training opportunity for officials and the food service industry. We were able to help assist in developing and implementing some plans for food operations in the area. We were also presented with the opportunity to directly answer questions the community had during several local newscast in Spanish. Here are some links to such interviews and the boil water notice if you like to learn further about the issue.

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