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Tips in Food Safety, Nutrition, and Portioning for a School Lunchbox

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ow that kids are back to school it is important to keep in mind food safety, nutrition, and portioning when packing their lunchbox. Remember foods that you would normally keep in refrigeration must not be outside temperature control for more than 4 hours. Ideally, they need to be maintained at or under 41°F. However, there should not be any issues with temperature food safety as long as they are under 70°F from the time the lunchbox is packed to when they are consumed (as long as it is not more than 4 hours). Follow these simple tips to help you keep good temperature control:

Keep a couple of freezable cooling packs in your freezer overnight. These should be packed in direct contact with the food portion that is more temperature sensitive. (For example, animal proteins, cooked meals, cut vegetables, cut fruits, and leafy greens)

Packing a bottle of cooled water inside the lunchbox will contribute to keep the food in a better temperature range.

Prioritize the use of a clean and insulated lunch box every time.

Include different food groups in their lunch. Make it convenient, easy, and interesting for the kids. For many children, contributing to the preparation and set up of their lunch a day before has a very positive impact. Keep also in mind that portioning should be smaller for kids than for adults and that they learn a lot from their parents own eating habits

Here is an article from the FDA talking further about healthy and stress-free lunch:

Link in English: “4 Tips for a Healthy and Stress-Free Lunchbox"